Monday, 19 May 2008

It was great to see Helen and Columbus again today! The Big Man has rather substantial fatty deposits but is now back into systematic fitness regime and who knows we might even have a play with some local unaffiliated dressage tests once he muscles up and gets fitter.

He had a bit of a strop to start with but once over, he remembered everything we worked on last year and I was really pleased with him. He makes me work mega hard as he is so wide that he virtually eats the whole of the length of my legs (not that there is much to it anyway!) but after riding him any other horse seems narrow and easy ;) Riding Columbus feels like being sat on the top of a mountain!

We worked a lot on flexions and softeness in his mouth and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how much he remembered and how well he coped with the workload. I am looking forward to the next schooling session in a fortnight.

Columbus seemed rather proud of himself and hopefuly enjoyed meeting his Personal Trainer again ;)))



Hi, my name is Columbus and up until July 2007 I didn't really have to do much. I know I am a rare breed i.e. I am special and so everybody should treat me like a king. I mean, I spend all days with two nice Connemara ladies; we chat, eat and enjoy life! What more could one want!
I am an easy going chap but if I don't understand something I can get stroppy and will let you know I am not quite happy, that is for sure.
I have great owners but Lady Owner (who also owns this nice grey mare -Rosie- I share my field with) decided she wanted some lessons and so I somehow got involved.
I was not overly happy with my first training session but then my Owners got a little more involved. I started getting more attention and I figured that this whole training might not be too bad...Then I heard Wiola saying I have 'presence' and 'could be great with a bit of training' so I thought I would participate in this circus...for now!

Wiola decided to keep this diary to record my progress. Well, I won't be arguing...