Saturday, 26 July 2008
For those of you who wonder why Wiola isn't writing any updates let me tell you, this is all because of Roise! My Connemara friend has landed herself some sort of lameness and is hiding the problem so well that she has to go the vet clinic (scary!) for further investigations.
As Wiola comes to my yard to teach My Feed Provider on Roise and one other servant who works for a friend of mine (the chestnut in nearby field), my schooling is somewhat put on hold. Not that I am complaining too much really ;)



Hi, my name is Columbus and up until July 2007 I didn't really have to do much. I know I am a rare breed i.e. I am special and so everybody should treat me like a king. I mean, I spend all days with two nice Connemara ladies; we chat, eat and enjoy life! What more could one want!
I am an easy going chap but if I don't understand something I can get stroppy and will let you know I am not quite happy, that is for sure.
I have great owners but Lady Owner (who also owns this nice grey mare -Rosie- I share my field with) decided she wanted some lessons and so I somehow got involved.
I was not overly happy with my first training session but then my Owners got a little more involved. I started getting more attention and I figured that this whole training might not be too bad...Then I heard Wiola saying I have 'presence' and 'could be great with a bit of training' so I thought I would participate in this circus...for now!

Wiola decided to keep this diary to record my progress. Well, I won't be arguing...